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The Crypto Trading

4 Weeks Of Trading With The Pros. Become a full time trader.

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Tuition: $5000


Designed for All Skill Levels. Intensive Training with Experts. Monthly Cohort.

Introduction Video

What’s Included?


Interactive Zoom Sessions in 30 Days:

Experience real-time learning and dynamic discussions with our expert instructors through live Zoom sessions.


Free Signals:

Gain access to exclusive trading signals generated by our team of experts.


Direct Support:

Get your queries addressed promptly, seek guidance when needed.

Bootcamp Admission Process

Step 1 – Registration

  • Click on the Register Now button to access the application form.

Step 2 – Application Review and Selection

  • During the review process, we look for applicants who are genuinely passionate about crypto trading and commit to participate in the bootcamp assignments.

Step 3 – Admission and Enrollment

  • Upon completion of the application review process, successful candidates will be notified of their admission to The Crypto Trading Bootcamp via email which contain important enrollment details.


Hear What Our Users & Traders Have to Say


I'm satisfied with the results I'm getting from the boot camp wish I was a beneficiary I'm happy, am learning artificial intelligence through the crypto University scholarship scheme. I'm so happy is an opportunity and I'm taking every step to learn more thank you mister grey!

Nelz Ngobi - Mar 24, 2023


It's a splendid experience for me, the course videos are so clear and highly informative. Loving every session, it's only been a week so far but I am already starting to feel more confident in my crypto analysis game. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity.

Felistus S - May 20, 2023


Well i just like to thank the people who organized all of this cause I've had a great experience so far and I've learnt a lot from crypto university they have really opened my mind and given me hope that In this journey i can really do something productive and am loving everything in really looking forward to learn more with you guys...

Lonjezo zimba - Apr 20, 2023


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