VeChain Partners With UCO Networks, Amazon To Develop Digital Euro, White House Crypto Regulatory Framework

Written by Crypto University

September 19, 2022

VeChain Partners With UCO Networks

VeChain, a blockchain application platform, has partnered with UCO Network to build the leading sustainability-focused public blockchain. The partnership will create infrastructure for the worldwide used cooking oil business, resulting in a slew of new prospects in the advanced biofuel sector.  

“UCO Network and the VeChain Foundation’s full alignment regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance goals have been decisive differentiators that contributed to the establishment of this natural and exciting partnership,” UCO says in a press release.

UCO Network offers traceability solutions for spent cooking oils, emphasizing automated compliance with the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive II. The platform, according to the network, combines Blockchain and IoT technology. As a result, the danger of used cooking oil supply chain fraud is reduced.

Amazon To Develop Digital Euro

Amazon, the e-commerce and cloud computing giant, is one of five companies the European Central Bank chose to help build the digital euro. The technology company will create an e-commerce site compatible with the project. It will start the prototyping this month and end in December. 

The ECB issued a request for partners in April and got up to 54 answers from banks and technology enterprises. The ECB said that its five partners were chosen based on their “specific strengths.”

CaixaBank, located in Spain, will construct the P2P payment system for the mobile application. The ECB’s other institutional partners in the initiatives include Worldline in France and Nexi in Italy. Amazon has not entered the cryptocurrency market directly. However, the technology firm provides extensive infrastructure services to the sector.

White House Crypto Regulatory Framework

The Biden administration has established a crypto framework defining how rules will be implemented. The Federal Reserve will continue its CBDC research, testing, and review. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to create a payment system that is “more efficient, offers a platform for ongoing technical innovation, promotes speedier cross-border transactions, and is ecologically friendly.”

 As a result of the “growing intertwining” of digital assets with the mainstream financial system, business turmoils may have “spillover implications.” The US Treasury will collaborate with financial institutions to improve their ability to identify and address cyber threats. It will also collaborate with other government departments to “identify, follow, and assess emerging strategic risks relating to digital asset markets.”

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