Ripple Donates $100M To Fight Climate Change, Shiba Inu Accepted in Thousands of Restaurants over 65 countries, Beeple Twitter Account Hacked By LV Phishing Scam

Written by Lindi Miti

May 23, 2022

Ripple Donates $100M To Fight Climate Change

Ripple (XRP) is pledging $100 Million to fight climate change. Ripple, a top 10 cryptocurrency, has announced a $100 million commitment to “scale and strengthen” global carbon markets. 

“Our $100 million commitment is a direct response to the global call to action for companies to help address climate change by deploying resources, including innovative technology, strategic capital, and talent. While reducing emissions and transitioning to a low-carbon future are paramount, carbon markets are also an important tool for meeting climate goals. Blockchain and crypto can play a catalytic role in allowing carbon markets to reach their full potential, bringing more liquidity and traceability to a fragmented, complex market, “ said CEO Brad Garlinghousecharged by the SEC for illegally exchanging securities offering through sales of XRP. The SEC v.s. The Ripple lawsuit is still pending.

Shiba Inu Is Accepted in Thousands of Restaurants in Over 65 countries

Shiba Inu is now accepted by thousands of restaurants in more than 65 countries as Lavu and Verifone collaborate.

Lavu, global restaurant software and payments solution provider, and Verifone, a payment solution provider, have disclosed a new cross-distribution partnership that will integrate Lavu’s restaurant software suite with Verifone’s payment solutions.

The strategic partnership seeks to allow Verifone and Lavu to offer a unified point of sale (POS). Crypto payment methods include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and several USD stablecoins using popular crypto wallets.

Beeple Twitter Account Hacked By LV Phishing Scam

Mike Winkelmann’s Twitter account, an American digital artist also known as BEEPLE, was hacked to promote a crypto scam. His Twitter account shared a fake link to a website of a collaboration with fashion designer Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton commissioned BEEPLE for non-fungible token (NFT) art as reward for a raffle and game called Louis: The Game.

BEEPLE has about 672,000 Twitter followers, his page says. Last year BEEPLE sold an NFT through an auction for a record $69 million.

Written by Lindi Miti © Crypto University 2022   

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