Is Twitter Building A Crypto Wallet?, Yellow Card Gets Botswana License, Cash App Supports Bitcoin Lightning Network

Written by Crypto University

October 27, 2022

Is Twitter Building A Crypto Wallet?

Jane Manchun Wong, a tech blogger, leaked that Twitter plans to develop a cryptocurrency wallet. Wong is well known for breaking tech stories early because she usually obtains information from public code.  

“Twitter is working on a ‘wallet prototype’ that supports ‘crypto deposit and withdrawal,’” she tweeted. Twitter has not publicly announced any such product, and it is unclear where Wong obtained the information.

Earlier this year, Twitter partnered with Stripe to roll out cryptocurrency capabilities. Stripe introduced cryptocurrency payouts for Twitter content creators via Stripe Connect. Now creators can receive USD Coin (USDC), a stablecoin. The payments will occur on the Polygon Network – a layer two blockchain network that is low in fees, fast in transactions, and integrates with the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Yellow Card Gets Botswana License

Yellow Card, an African cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it has received a new virtual asset service provider (VASP) license from Botswana. With the permit, Yellow Card can users to purchase, sell, and trade Bitcoin, Ether, and USDT using the Pula, the country’s official currency, in Botswana. 

Earlier this year, Crypto University partnered with Leadership 2020 and Yellow Card to launch the Learn Crypto Course for Beginners. The course is free and is available for download on the Crypto University website. It provides a deeper understanding of how blockchains work and allows them to learn about cryptocurrencies at their own pace. 

Cash Apps’ Bitcoin Lightning Network Goes Live

Cash App, a popular payments app, will now allow both the sending and receiving of bitcoins using the lightning network. In February, Cash App announced that the platform would start to support the bitcoin Lightning Network. However, the feature was limited to Cash App customers in the United State and New York State wouldn’t be allowed to use the service.

“Yes! Cash App now supports both send and receive over lightning. As long as the other wallet supports LN, you should be good,” tweeted Michael Rihani, the Product Lead at Cash App.   

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