How to get good at crypto?

Written by Pedro Lopez

May 12, 2022

One of the things about crypto that impresses people is how fast an investment can grow, as the crypto market is highly volatile and can make assets crash/pump in a matter of minutes. However, handling trades is not as easy as it seems, quite the contrary. Just like any other job, becoming profitable will depend on your experience and discipline.

Many people wonder “How to get good at crypto?” and today, you will learn the answer.

How to get good at crypto?

There are many tools and habits you can get used to that will improve your performance at crypto, but as it happens with every job/profession, people have to put in the work and gain experience over time.

  • The first step is learning as many crypto-terms as you can, in order to understand all the information you need to learn. 
  • Research about crypto-companies and their services. This will give you a notion of how things move in this field.
  • Understand how important market caps and circulating supplies are to every coin. Knowing this, you can catch early investments and avoid bad positions.
  • Make an investment/trading plan before starting any transactions. The hardest thing to dominate in the crypto space are emotions, as the market is highly volatile and can make you feel greed, fear and other negative emotions.
  • Don’t make crypto your main source of income when you start. The learning process will lead you to mistakes and put a lot of pressure on you.

Like everything in life, solid experience is obtained by failures, as your psychology will play against your best judgment in difficult times. Learning how to think without involving your emotions is everything to succeed. 

Benefits of getting good at crypto

The thing people love the most about crypto is how juicy profits can be. The right investments can make a $10 wallet turn to $100 in a matter of days, very different from the traditional stock market.

Decentralization is also very enjoyable, as you will have more control of your finances than ever before. Being good at crypto will give you chances you would never have with fiat currencies.

Crypto is still quite young and has a lot of unlocked potential, so the best time to start is always now.

What you need to know

Being good at crypto will be hard to process when you obtain better results than expected. This will make you feel hyped and make bad decisions, thus threatening your profits. It is imperative to diversify gains to avoid losing what you’ve made.

The crypto market works in cycles, so smart investors have to place themselves on the most convenient side despite their feelings.

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