Fidelity Offers 401 (k) Investors Bitcoin, Binance Refugee Crypto Card for Ukrainians, and Fort Worth, Texas – The First City to Mine Bitcoin

Written by Crypto University

April 27, 2022

Fidelity Offers 401 (k) Investors Access to Bitcoin

Fidelity Investments, one of the largest retirement-plan providers, will offer investors the option to put bitcoin in their 401(k)s. They will be the first provider to offer Bitcoin for retirement savings. Fidelity has over $11.3 trillion in assets under administration and can aid mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

Free Binance Refugee Crypto Card for Ukrainians

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, is launching a free cryptocurrency exchange card for Ukrainian refugees. Verified refugees who have applied for the card will receive 75 Binance USD cryptocurrency each, the equivalent value of $75, for three months. The BUSD cryptocurrency will automatically convert to local currency during the card payments.

Fort Worth, Texas –  The First City to  Mine Bitcoin 

Fort Worth, Texas, is now the first city in the United States to mine bitcoin. Mayor Mattie Parker oversaw the construction of a small mining farm in City Hall. “This is something brand new for any city,” said Parker. “There’s a lot of policy here that we’ve had to jump through hoops to understand.” The city partnered up with the Texas Blockchain Council, a nonprofit blockchain association,  and Luxor Technologies, a mining pool, to make it happen.

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