Advance Your Trading Game with the Nitros Bull Indicator

Written by Edward Gonzales

January 18, 2021

What is the Nitros Bull Indicator?

The Nitros Bull indicator is an advanced trading script developed by Crypto University. It was developed to improve your technical analysis by giving you “Bull” or “Bear” signals. The script instantly improves your ability to interpret any chart. It uses an advanced algorithm to predict potential uptrends and downtrends by analyzing aggregated index prices and moving averages. Once a trend is identified, the momentum of the trend is gauged by volume and reflected in the candlesticks on the chart. When the algorithm detects a potential uptrend, a “Bull” signal is displayed. When the algorithm detects a potential downtrend, a “Bear” signal is displayed. This algorithm works on every time frame and any trading pair. It works with crypto, stock, and forex pairs. This is a must have tool to improve your trading life in 2021 and increase your rate of success when trading.

How to use Nitros Bull

The Nitros Bull indicator is so easy to read that anyone can use it with some simple instructions. Using this indicator requires a TradingView account, however it does not require a pro subscription to run. Once you have purchased the indicator from our website, you simply submit your TradingView username and the script will be accessible. When you have your TradingView chart open, select “indicators and strategies.” “Invite-only scripts” should be displayed on the left side of the pop-up. This is where you will find your new best friend – NB OptimusPrime 2. Once you have selected your new indicator, you will see the signals displayed on your chart. 

When you are using the Nitros Bull indicator to analyze a chart, you will see “Bull” and “Bear” signals displayed. You can use these signals to help confirm or deny a trade you were looking to take. The Nitros Bull Indicator can be used alone or with other indicators. If you don’t have a pro TradingView account, don’t worry, you can still apply this indicator alongside two other indicators of your choice to your charts. After using this indicator, you will be able to afford a pro account in no time. This indicator instantly improves a trader’s ability to read a market with easy to interpret signals. It is truly a great tool for every trader’s toolbox at any experience level.

You can use the Nitros Bull Indicator to be profitable on any time frame and any currency pair. This means that you can use the indicator efficiently if you are a scalper, day trader, or swing trader. The indicator was marvelously designed to suit all wants and needs when it comes to trading. The signals work especially well when using multiple time frame analysis to analyze market data. If you are a trend trader or an outbreak trader, you probably have mapped your trading charts. With this indicator, you can see where the signals line up compared to your expected trends and trend lines. Once you have a signal displayed, you can decide if the market’s going with your prediction or against your prediction. 

If you are like most people and have responsibilities, trading may not always be at the top of your priority list even though you really wish you had more time for it. No matter how short on time you may be, you never have to miss out on another trade opportunity again with the Nitros Bull Indicator. You can set alerts to this script that will notify you in the event of a bull or bear signal. If you are looking to take a long position, you can set up a bull alert for the script. If you are hoping to take a short position, you can set up a bear alert for the script.

Whether you are a hobby trader making side money or already a successful day trader, this indicator is just right for you. After only a short time using the Nitros Bull Indicator, you will fall in love with it. If you observe what this indicator is telling you and trade based on it’s signals, you are bound to improve your success ratio in little to no time at all. 

Nitros Bull

How to use Nitros Bull Indicator


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